Announcement: The Creative Writer's Toolbelt will return on Friday 3rd September 2021

August 06, 2021 00:06:31
Announcement: The Creative Writer's Toolbelt will return on Friday 3rd September 2021
The Creative Writer's Toolbelt
Announcement: The Creative Writer's Toolbelt will return on Friday 3rd September 2021

Show Notes

Hi and welcome to this brief message about the Creative Writer’s Toolbelt podcast. I have news! The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt is relaunching on Friday 3rd September. To catch all the new episodes you can subscribe to the podcast here:

After a hiatus of about 18 months I am restarting the podcast. The core mission of the podcast wont be changing. Like you, I love writing and The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt will continue in its purpose of helping you and me to become better writers and produce great work.

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Episode 178

July 01, 2022 00:48:37
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Episode 178: Trust the process that gives you joy! With Jessie Kwak

My guest for this episode is the non-fiction and science fiction writer Jessie Kwak.  In this episode, we talk about the different writing processes that people use, how to choose the right one, and why some writers have found the pandemic such a difficult time. We discuss the importance of finding a writing process that brings us joy, how essential it is for us to know ourselves as writers, and when and how to hire the right professionals to help you with your writing. I had a great time talking to Jessie I hope you find the conversation useful to listen to, here it is.   ...


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Episode 177: The mind of the warrior. A conversation with Nick Narbutovskih of the US Air Force Special Operations Command

Nick Narbutovskih grew up knowing that he wanted to be a pilot in the military, now Assistant Operations Officer Narbutovskih with Air Force Special Operations Command, and he now trains others who are going to be pilots in the US Air Force. On the day of our conversation, Nick was supposed to be able to talk to me from the comfort of his own home but the military being what it is he was required at the base that day so we conducted the conversation with Nick stepping out for a few minutes to his car, so I’m afraid the sound quality is a little off what I would normally hope to bring you. But this is a fascinating conversation, with some great insights for writers into the minds and characters of those in the military, there are some real gems here for anyone who wants to know how a military context would actually work, and how groups of soldiers, sailors, and airforce personnel think and behave with each other, both outside of and in combat situations.  In this conversation, we talk about how the habits and disciplines of the military have helped Nick with his writing, the character traits and behaviors of people in the military, both in and out of combat situations, and why the reason people stay in the military might be different from the reason they joined. I hope you find this conversation helpful, here it is. ...



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Episode 114 "You've got to know what you want to say!" A conversation with Story Grid Certified Developmental Editor Lori Puma

This episode is a conversation with story grid developmental editor Lori Puma. In our conversation we talk about why stories matter, and what we as writers should do about that. We discuss the way in which Story Grid, and a developmental editor can actually help authors, and we reflect on the way in which personal tragedy can inform both our lives and our stories. You can find out more about the Story Grid process here: and about non-violent communication here And you can find out more about Lori at her website: ...